Thursday, January 9, 2014

Phuck Yo Feelings

Don't tell me how to feel- unless you want to get cursed the fuck out. If I tell you I'm angry- or any other emotion, I don't want to hear a speech about why I shouldn't feel that way. I do understand the ambiguous world we live in where everything can be taken out of context by someone, but it still doesn't prevent me from getting angry when someone tries to convince me that I've acted irrationally with my emotions. Fuck you. Everyone is free to express themselves as they wish, however I do think that there is a select group of words that should be added to a person's conversational vocabulary with caution. 'Bitch' is always my prime example. 'Bitch' is my favorite curse word, so it gets me into a lot of trouble (Cheshire Cat grin). If you can't take the heat, take the time to choose your words carefully.