Friday, December 27, 2013

Drunk as Fuck

Santa My Ass

I'm so glad Christmas is over. I don't hate Christmas: I just hate how this fictitious, random ass mofo named Christopher, aka Santa, gets all of the credit for my hard-earned money and personal sacrifices. I don't want to sound selfish, but I'm ready for my children to know the truth. In the end, I don't want to spoil it for my children; so I'll continue to play secret Santa, until they're old enough to realize the ridiculousness of it all. I'll just wait until the questions come asking me to explain the logic before I spill the beans. For now, I think about Katt Williams' joke where he says 'no, daddy brought that with his weed money' and laugh it off.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Used to Love Him

Kanye West addresses anti-Semitic accusation
Kanye West has defended himself against allegations of anti-Semitism following a recent radio rant, insisting his controversial comments were meant as a compliment.
While discussing U.S. president Barack Obama during an interview on radio station Power 105 last month, the outspoken rapper compared the financial advantages of the Jewish and Arab nations against black people, stating, "Black people don't have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don't have the same connections as oil people."
However, the comment sparked fury among several Jewish leaders with Abraham H. Foxman, Anti-Defamation League Director, stating, "This is classic anti-Semitism. There it goes again, the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers of power in government. As a celebrity with a wide following, Kanye West should know better."
The "Stronger" hitmaker has since revisited his comments to address the accusation, and he insists his words have been misunderstood. He tells the Chicago B96 radio station, "I thought that I was giving a compliment, but if anything, it came off more ignorant. When I said this comment about Jews having money and blacks not having money, I think that it was kind of like an ignorant compliment. I think it was an ignorant compliment."
He adds, "I don't know how being told you have money is like an insult, that would be like if (somebody) complimented black guys and said, 'All black guys got big penises.' You don't want to be the black guy that raises your hand, like, 'No! That's not true. I got proof.' I thought by saying everybody had money that would be a compliment. It was an ignorant compliment. Maybe I would like to take that statement away."

"Maybe I would like to take that statement away." You think?! I'm ready for somebody to Sharkeisha his ass.

Don't Fuck With My Girl(s)

A random fight video that I thought was funny. Go USA!

U.S. women beat Canada in hockey, game ends in huge brawl

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quit Playing With Your Balls

A large percentage if my anger stems from driving. People are idiots, yet they're still allowed to drive. One thing that really drives me crazy is when I'm in the turning lane, and I miss the light because the dummy in the front wasn't paying attention. The shit that really pisses me off is when the bitch in the front waits until the very last minute to turn and ends up being the only person that makes the light. WTF?! Kill yourself.