Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Fucking Hate Driving

I hate it when people come to a complete stop when there's no stop sign or stoplight in sight. Why, bitch? Why?

I hate it when people leave their blinkers on forever. You don't see and hear that shit inside your car?! WTF, bruh? Yeah, I'm that petty. Fuck you.

I hate it when people speed out really fast when turning into traffic in front of you, only to immediately slow down to half of the posted speed limit. Miss me with the bullshit and let me pass first.

I hate it when the person at the front of the light is fucking around when the light turns green. I'm honking from eight cars behind you, bitch: I don't give a damn if you can hear me or not.

I hate it when people hold up traffic because they need to cut across three lanes, and they're car is practically perpendicular to traffic. Kill yourself.

Sometimes I wish I could drive around with a voice controlled marquee on top of my car. A bitch would probably want to follow me and fight me then. LOL

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Old School Music vs. New School Music

The major difference IMO between today's music and old school music is the lack of love songs: love for ourselves, our significant others, our family and friends, and one another. The musical content was just as ratchet with old school music, but they also had a plethora of love songs and political/social awareness songs promoting positivity and pride.

Nowadays, artists seem afraid to produce conscious music because they think it won't get played. Good love songs come around, but they are far and few. The main difference is really in the way my generation (80s baby ~.-) utilizes their social influence: old school artists seemed to be a bit more philanthropic and actively participant in uplifting less fortunate communities. Today's artists seem to be more self-centered, sexist and flashy with their wealth- as opposed to sharing knowledge that would help empower our race. I am not racist, but I do feel we should stick up for one another more. Instead, we thrive on tearing each other down; but that is another conversation that will have to be discussed later.

What pisses me off about all of this is the way some older people turn their noses up at new school music as if its all just pure garbage because we've lost our way and don't live by their old school values and morals. Bitch, your old ass is just a retired Rihanna: don't front. We learned everything we know from YOU: what did you expect?! I know we are straying farther away from the days where everyone remained virgins until they were married, but don't act like were all satanists. GTFOHWTBS.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Door Is Locked For A Fucking Reason!!

WTF. I hate this, creepy as hell.. I went to a public restroom in Macdonalds today, in I was using a stall. There were only two stalls, and someone came in and used the one next to mine. He broug

This happened to me.


I am no longer curious. . poiints LC) hours age 1 can put bath bf my legs behind my head, oddly flexible but as a dude rid brie thinks its a nifty trick. Haha p

After I saw this, I got mad because I actually thought about the comment made by giantchuchu seriously for a few seconds. I mean, have you ever really thought about what it would feel like to suck your own dick?! Hell no!! As a woman, I must admit that I've [momentarily] wondered about how it feels to get head as a man, but NEVER have I ever took it to that extreme. LOL@A_complete_idiot.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Still A Fan

Beyoncé is on MJ level; I'll give her that. She has her flaws, but so does everyone else.

Let's be clear: she is not the equivalent of MJ, nor does she surpass him in talent. However, as far as  being a brand: BeyoncĂ© is on MJ level. She's making some big moves, and I have to respect her hustle.

With regards to her new music, I like that she's opening up more. I liked her performance of 'Drunk in Love' on the Grammys this year; I think it was appropriate for a grown woman with a child, while still being sexy.

That's all I got.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Phuck Yo Feelings

Don't tell me how to feel- unless you want to get cursed the fuck out. If I tell you I'm angry- or any other emotion, I don't want to hear a speech about why I shouldn't feel that way. I do understand the ambiguous world we live in where everything can be taken out of context by someone, but it still doesn't prevent me from getting angry when someone tries to convince me that I've acted irrationally with my emotions. Fuck you. Everyone is free to express themselves as they wish, however I do think that there is a select group of words that should be added to a person's conversational vocabulary with caution. 'Bitch' is always my prime example. 'Bitch' is my favorite curse word, so it gets me into a lot of trouble (Cheshire Cat grin). If you can't take the heat, take the time to choose your words carefully.