Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Door Is Locked For A Fucking Reason!!

WTF. I hate this, creepy as hell.. I went to a public restroom in Macdonalds today, in I was using a stall. There were only two stalls, and someone came in and used the one next to mine. He broug

This happened to me.


I am no longer curious. . poiints LC) hours age 1 can put bath bf my legs behind my head, oddly flexible but as a dude rid brie thinks its a nifty trick. Haha p

After I saw this, I got mad because I actually thought about the comment made by giantchuchu seriously for a few seconds. I mean, have you ever really thought about what it would feel like to suck your own dick?! Hell no!! As a woman, I must admit that I've [momentarily] wondered about how it feels to get head as a man, but NEVER have I ever took it to that extreme. LOL@A_complete_idiot.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Still A Fan

Beyoncé is on MJ level; I'll give her that. She has her flaws, but so does everyone else.

Let's be clear: she is not the equivalent of MJ, nor does she surpass him in talent. However, as far as  being a brand: BeyoncĂ© is on MJ level. She's making some big moves, and I have to respect her hustle.

With regards to her new music, I like that she's opening up more. I liked her performance of 'Drunk in Love' on the Grammys this year; I think it was appropriate for a grown woman with a child, while still being sexy.

That's all I got.