Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Fucking Hate Driving

I hate it when people come to a complete stop when there's no stop sign or stoplight in sight. Why, bitch? Why?

I hate it when people leave their blinkers on forever. You don't see and hear that shit inside your car?! WTF, bruh? Yeah, I'm that petty. Fuck you.

I hate it when people speed out really fast when turning into traffic in front of you, only to immediately slow down to half of the posted speed limit. Miss me with the bullshit and let me pass first.

I hate it when the person at the front of the light is fucking around when the light turns green. I'm honking from eight cars behind you, bitch: I don't give a damn if you can hear me or not.

I hate it when people hold up traffic because they need to cut across three lanes, and they're car is practically perpendicular to traffic. Kill yourself.

Sometimes I wish I could drive around with a voice controlled marquee on top of my car. A bitch would probably want to follow me and fight me then. LOL