Saturday, November 30, 2013

To Hell With Black Friday

I simply cannot participate in Black Friday; I don't even waste my time trying to shop. The craziest thing to me is how the stores only put about three or four discounted hot ticket items on the shelves for everyone to go crazy over. You may save money on certain things, but you definitely pay for it during your shopping experience.

I can't stand it when people reach over me to get to something. Either wait for me to move, or come stand next to me- while leaving enough room to not invade my personal space. When people stand next to me, I tend to put a slight pep in my step in an effort to be courteous.

I hate the parking lot fuckery. There is a proper protocol that needs to be respected. If I'm waiting on a space, you can't take it just because the person in the spot backed out/pulled out in a way where you were able to get in the spot first. I try not to be confrontational anymore, but I do give people the stare of death as I drive past.

The way people ignore common decency is what ultimately ruins Black Friday for me. The thought of a person getting trampled on or hurt in any other type of way is ridiculous to me. Not to mention the thieves waiting to come up. Nowadays, I find myself shopping online or at random pawn shops on Black Friday. Easy peasy.

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